"I am thrilled at Jasmine's meteoric improvements! I can only attribute them to Jungle Memory."

Emma, Mother and Teacher

Working Memory Advantage



"The class teacher noticed a huge difference in the boys."

Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh

"We have found the program really beneficial to all students who have been involved."

Western Academy of Beijing, China

Working Memory Advantage

"Coll made steady improvement as the weeks went by."

Paula, Mother

"Alistair's class teacher found significant improvements in his concentration and work rate."

Martha, Mother

"Quicksand has helped me to read faster."

Joseph, 13 years old

Working Memory Advantage

" Sean [shows] an improvement in his reading."

David, Father

" My son has gained a lot from it, particularly in terms of [his] concentration levels."

Jacqueline, Mother

Working Memory Advantage

"In many cases we also saw improvements in reading, math and writing and increased academic persistence and focus in the classroom."

Eleni, Teacher, Canada

"I have seen so much success with my own students who have used it."

Elsa, Director, China

Working Memory Advantage

"My daughter's progress has been absolutely fantastic - we're over the moon!"

Deirdre, Mother, UK

"There is a major change, it is easier for her to learn."

Debby, Teacher, New York

Working Memory Advantage

"Quicksand helped me to read faster."

Rui Siong, Student


"A student went from 7% to 70% in auditory memory!"

Evelyn, Academic Counselor

Working Memory Advantage

"It's doing what it's supposed to be doing...helping my working memory."

Keegan, 13 years old

"Quicksand has improved my focus, especially on information I read or get quickly."

Lauren, 12 years old

Working Memory Advantage

"Christine’s working memory, IQ and processing information have shown great improvements."

Lucy, Mother

"Ruairidh's tutor had tested him pre, during and after Junglememory and felt his working  memory had improved."

Rosanne, Mother

Working Memory Advantage

"Overall, a very effective intervention."


Phil, Teacher, Singapore


"Students found it fun and challenging and it helped with math and reading."

Teacher, Singapore

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