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🪄 Make a free wishlistand share it with family and friends to get more 🎁 that knock your 🧦🧦 off

🎉 Create a free eventfor birthdays, gift exchanges, holidays, and other exciting occasions

😎 Promote a good cause that you believe in like a charity, home school, classroom, or other organization

🍵Draw namesfor a gift exchange or any reason you want without creating an event

Make it easy for others to know what gifts you enjoy 💜

How to add items to your wishlist and easily share with family and friends

1️⃣ Create a wishlist by entering a name and saving it

🙂 Sign in for wishlist

2️⃣ Visit your wishlist admin page to write a description, add guests, promote a charity, or even make your wishlist public

3️⃣ Browse our curatedlist of STEM projectsand click
🌟 Add to wishlist
to put an item on your list and
to change the wish count

Share the link to your wishlist with your family and friends

⭐️ Check outan example wishlist

How wishlists work

→ Display your wishlist items and details on their own dedicated webpage where people can view your wishlist and other details

→ Send your link over email or post it as a link on your social account or anywhere to let people know about it

→ Control access by going public or staying private so only people you add or match with in gift exchanges can view

→ Add your wishlist to events that you create and to events with gift exchanges that other people invite you to

→ Promote an organization on your wishlist that you want people to donate to

Plan a party or gift exchange in minutes

How to create an event like a birthday party, gift exchange, or other event

1️⃣ Create an event by visiting the create new event form and entering the event details that you can edit later

2️⃣ Go to your event host page to add guests to the event in the users section

3️⃣ Tell guests with the help of our event host tools
that their invitation is pending and to RSVP on their events page

How events work

→ Each event has a unique name, private event page, event and RSVP dates, and can be a gift exchange with a suggested gift price

→ Events are editable and therefore can be reused for future events

→ Events that are not gift exchanges can request no gifts for the host

→ It's all free!

How gift exchanges work

→ Guests who RSVP as attending need to add their wishlist to the event to participate in the gift exchange

→ After the RSVP date arrives, the host can randomly and blindly match guests for the gift exchange with our guest exchange generator if 4 or more guests are participating in the gift exchange

→ For the gift exchange to qualify for the guest exchange generator, at least 4 guests need to participate in the gift exchange

→ The host matches guests by simply clicking the guest exchange generator match button on the host event page and then telling guests to check their event page

→ Matches include only guests who RSVP'd as attending and also added their wishlist to the event

→ Matches appear on the host admin page under the users section so only the host can see all the matches

→ Each gift-exchange guest cannot see who is gifting to them but can see on their events page who they are gifting to and a link to that person's wishlist

→ How guests exchange gifts is up to you and can be included in the event description

Promote a cause that you believe in to encourage others to donate to it

How to promote a charity, home school, classroom or other organization

1️⃣ Add an organization to your wishlist or events from our list of curated charities, home schools, classrooms, and others

2️⃣ The organization's details will appear on your wishlist or event page so that visitors can see you promoting it and to learn how to donate

3️⃣ Share the link to your wishlist and event to encourage others to dontate to that organization

🎗 Each charity, home school, classroom and others on our list have a dedicated webpage with links, videos, and other content explaining the cause and how to donate

How promotions work

→ Select from our curated list a charity, home school, classroom, or other organizations to promote on your wishlist or event page

→ Each organization has a public webpage explaining how to donate, the impact of your donation, and more about the organization

→ When you promote an organiztion, the details appear on your wishlist or event page for all your visitors to see and learn more about

→ This visibility spreads the word about the organization and makes it easy for people to donate

→ Promoting a charity is free and totally optional for wishlists and events

How to add your organization to our curated list

→ It is free to add your charities, home schools, classrooms, and other organization to our list for others to promote

→ Simply sign in and respond to the welcome email with some information about your organization

→ We will respond to your email and ask for more information and possibly a video conversation to get to know you better

⭐️ Check outan example organization

Holiday Calendar 2023

Find out when the holidays are this year with our holiday calendars.

Stay fresh with holiday events and learn about the holidays through videos and other content.

Get a list of all the holidays, sort the list by holiday categories, and view the holidays on the calendar.

Draw Names For A Gift Exchange Or Any Reason

Draw names to asymmetrically match people in a group

Enter names, emails, or any other text into the input and review them to make sure everything is spelled right

Click the draw names button and our tool will randomly assign each person to give a gift to another person in the group

You can use this for more than just names, emails, and gift exchanges – just enter any text and the tool works

With a simple click, copy all the results for easy saving in your personal files or copy individual lines for easy sharing

Check out our draw names generator →