How to promote a charity

1️⃣ Create a wishlist or event and add a charity to it from our curated list that appears in the wishlist or event form
2️⃣ The charity's details will appear on your wishlist or event page so that visitors can learn how to donate
3️⃣ Share the link to your wishlist and events to encourage others to dontate to the charity
→ You can add, edit, or remove the charity from your wishlist and events at any time
🎗 Check out an example charity page

How charity promotions work

→ Promoting a charity is free and totally optional for wishlists and events
→ The idea came from my family's idea to abandon family gift exchanges in favor of donating to charities to support the community
→ I have a curated list of charities for you to add to your wishlists and events to create community around donating to a specific cause
→ When you promote an organiztion, the details appear on your wishlist or event page for all visitors to see and learn more about
→ Each charity has a public page on our site explaining how to donate, the impact of your donation, and more about the organization
→ This visibility spreads the word about the organization and makes it easy for people to donate
→ Select a charity, home school, classroom, or other organizations to promote on my wishlist or event page from our list of organizations
→ Please send us any charities you want me to add to the list

How to add your charity to our curated list

→ It is free to add your charities, home schools, classrooms, and other organization to our list for others to promote
→ Simply sign in and respond to the welcome email with some information about your organization
→ We will respond to your email and ask for more information and possibly a video conversation to get to know you better
⭐️ Check outan example organization