Working Memory Definition

  • Working Memory: The Post-it-Note

    Working Memory is like a post-it note, a space for our brain to write down (or remember) and work with information. The bigger the post-it note, the more information we can remember and process. The bigger the post-it note, the better the grades. Jungle Memory can make your child’s post-it note bigger. MORE

  • Jungle Memory in the Brain

    Working Memory is located in the Pre-Frontal Cortex of your brain. The Pre-frontal Cortex sits at the front of your brain, like a conductor, who sits at the front of his orchestra. The Pre-frontal Cortex directs a huge range of cognitive activities, from helping us read, do math, understand complex subjects, to helping us control our behavior, and adapt to new situations. When your child is playing Jungle Memory, it will be this area of the brain that is working. MORE


  • Helps Students Juggle Classroom Demands

    With a high Working Memory, a student can juggle the demands of the classroom, excel in the pressure of test taking, and grasp increasingly difficult lessons. A student with a low Working Memory will find it hard to concentrate, to learn new knowledge, and will have lower grades. A student with a high Working Memory will be at the top of their class. MORE

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