How It Works

  • Trains Working Memory for 7 to 16 year olds

    Jungle Memory trains students to use their Working Memory. Working Memory allows us to make mental scribbles of multiple pieces of information or processes we need to remember and think about. We use this skill in all subjects, from Reading, Writing, and Math, to Grammar, History, and Science. Working Memory is the foundation for learning, and by training it students can make dramatic improvements in learning. MORE

  • Targets Key Brain Areas

    Jungle Memory is designed to target Working Memory skills critical for academic success.  Jungle Memory can improve reading, writing, and logical processing. It also trains students to pay attention and process information and challenging concepts more quickly. MORE

  • Helps Students Juggle Classroom Demands

    With a high Working Memory, a student can juggle the demands of the classroom, excel in the pressure of test taking, and grasp increasingly difficult lessons. A student with a low Working Memory will find it hard to concentrate, to learn new knowledge, and will have lower grades. A student with a high Working Memory will be at the top of their class. MORE

  • Adapts to Individual Learning Needs

    Jungle Memory trains Working Memory by taking baby steps. As students get more successful and benefit more from the training, the games will get more difficult to challenge their brain to keep working harder. Jungle Memory constantly adjusts to their needs and abilities so it will never be too hard or too easy, but just right for their success.

  • Improve Grades

    The good news is that Jungle Memory trains Working Memory, resulting in improved focus, confidence, and grades, in just 8 weeks of training. MORE

  • Scientifically Proven to work

    Jungle Memory is scientifically proven to boost learning outcomes for students with a wide range of learning difficulties, including Low Grades, Dyslexia, and ASD. MORE

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