What you Get

  • 8 Week Subscription for $49.99 (USD)

    Our 8 week subscription gives access to our suite of games each scientifically designed to improve Working Memory. If you go on a holiday, don't worry, you can also suspend your account when you need to take a break.

  • Fast Results

    Scientific research shows that after 8 weeks, Jungle Memory improved Grades, Working Memory, and IQ. In fact, many teachers and parents report improvements in just 2 weeks. Start today to grow your child’s brain.

  • Progress Tracker

    Jungle Memory gives detailed information on your child’s progress. You can see how well they have done as it compares the performance on Day 1 with the present training day. MORE

  • Peer Tracker

    Jungle Memory compares your child’s progress to thousands of peers of the same age so you know how they stack up against their classmates. You can expect that they will perform better the morethey play. MORE

  • Log Tracker

    Jungle Memory works best when it is played 4x a week. You can check logs to make sure they are playing enough to get the most from the program. MORE

  • Bonus Booklets

    When you subscribe, you will also have access to an exclusive five part booklet series, written by Dr. Tracy Alloway and Dr. Ross Alloway. The booklet series is the culmination of over a decade of research and first-hand experience. In almost 100 pages we distill the most important things about Working Memory into bite sized pieces so you can get to know and improve your child’s Working Memory. MORE
               - Find out What Working Memory is
               - Where it is in the brain
               - How it is more important than IQ
               - Why smart kids sometimes struggle
               - How to eat and sleep for better Working Memory
               - First-hand experience in the classroom
               - How to improve Working Memory

  • Bonus Videos

    When you subscribe, you will have access to an exclusive 10-part video series. Dr. Tracy Alloway has published over 75 research articles and books, and is the world’s leading expert on Working Memory and learning. She has spoken to thousands of teachers and parents on the importance of Working Memory. She will share with you how and why Working Memory is the most important tool for getting good grades, whatever your student’s situation. MORE

  • Money Back Guarantee

    If your child plays four times a week and doesn’t improve their Working Memory, you get your money back. MORE

  • Internet based brain training

    Access Jungle Memory anywhere there is an internet connection and a computer. There is no waiting for a CD to arrive in the mail. Once you have signed up, your child can start right away.

  • Flexible Training

    Easy enough for a 7-year old to use, but hard enough to challenge a 16-year old. The games adapt to child’s abilities and constantly stretches their skills.

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