ai for goodai for good

technologies that advance the un’s sustainable development goals
to use technology to advance the un’s sustainable development goals
by donating money

What does
ai for good

AI for Good offers technologies that advance the UN’s Sustainable Development goals. AI for Good develops and scales technological solutions using emerging technologies to improve quality of life and accelerate sustainable economic growth. AI for Good also tracks climate initiatives, provides a way for war crime victims to record and share stories, and more.

What is the mission of
ai for good

The mission of AI for Good is to use technology to advance the UN’s sustainable development goals. AI for Good is also creating and sharing critical resources and growing a community of interdisciplinary experts from across industries and sectors to find solutions that make positive social changes.

How can you support
ai for good

Support AI for Good by donating money. Your donation supports AI for Good’s ongoing projects, volunteer researchers and engineers, and helps AI for Good expand the scope and impact of its overall efforts.

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ai for good
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