How to make a wishlist

1️⃣ Create my wishlist by entering a wishlist name and saving it
2️⃣ Visit my wishlist admin page to write a description, add guests, promote a charity, or even make your wishlist public
3️⃣ Browse our curated list of gift ideas and click
Add to wishlist
to put an item on my wishlist and
to change item count
Share the link to my wishlist with family and friends
⭐️ Check out an example wishlist

How to promote a charity

1️⃣ Create a wishlist or event and add a charity to it from our curated list that appears in the wishlist or event form
2️⃣ The charity's details will appear on your wishlist or event page so that visitors can learn how to donate
3️⃣ Share the link to your wishlist and events to encourage others to dontate to the charity
→ You can add, edit, or remove the charity from your wishlist and events at any time
🎗 Check out an example charity page